ReMastered ºº Official Sneak Peek // Netflix Original (above)

REMASTERED: The Two Killings of Sam Cooke // Docu-Series
Dir. •• Kelly Duane de la Vega
DP •• Guy Livneh
B-Cam Op •• Neal Ten Eyck
Format •• C300 Mark II + Canon CN-E Compact-Servo Cinema Zoom Lenses

Watch the first Track (episode) on Netflix: ReMastered “Who Shot the Sheriff?” A Bob Marley Story

The music you know, the stories you don't. ReMastered investigates high-profile events affecting the legendary names in music. Track 1 premieres Oct. 12th.

A new music-themed docu-series will launch on Netflix from October 12th with a new episode added each month. The 8-track series, “ReMastered”, investigates high-profile events affecting some of the most legendary names in music such as Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, Jam Master Jay and more. Each ‘track’ (episode) will feature a new artist and story.

“Who Shot the Sheriff?” – Launches October 12
“Tricky Dick and the Man in Black” – Launches November 2018
“Who Killed Jam Master Jay?” – Launches in December 2018
“Massacre at the Stadium” – Launches in January 2019
“The Two Killings of Sam Cooke” – Launches in February 2019
This investigation examines the mysterious shooting of soul icon Sam Cooke, whose death silenced one of the most vital voices in the civil rights movement.

“The Miami Showband Massacre” – Launches in March 2019
“Devil at the Crossroads” – Launches in April 2019
“The Lion’s Share” – Launches in May 2019

Music Docu-series “ReMastered” Launches October on Netflix
New Netflix Original Music Series Investigates Sam Cooke’s Murder, Bob Marley, Jam Master Jay and Robert Johnson

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