SUPER BOWL HIGH SCHOOL HONOR ROLL ºº JASON + TRAVIS KELCE // Docu-Series (has not aired yet)
Dir. •• Brian Rosenfeld
DP •• Dave Malek
Cinematographer •• Neal Ten Eyck
Format •• ARRI Amira + Angenieux Optimo Zooms


I have worked on Super Bowl High School Honor Roll a number of times. A couple as an AC and now as a Cinematographer. It is always a pleasure to see NFL players interact with the high school students while trying to capture some of the inspiration and excitement on film.

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Here's a couple extras I didn't work on but nice little stories none the less. One for Buffalo (and East Brady, PA) and a "making of" the Golden Football if you're interested.

The Making of the Gold Football ºº Super Bowl HS Honor Roll

Desmond Howard Punt Return 1991 ºº “One man, goodbye, Heisman.”